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Satori is a Japanese word, often translated as enlightenment or awakening “comprehension, understanding and clarity”.

Enlightenment brings clarity and clarity leads to purposeful action.

We believe, true clarity can only be achieved through seeing the full financial picture.

Connecting the dots across financial planning, tax and lending is essential. All financial decisions are interconnected. Understanding the ripple effected over the short and long term is our specialty.


We believe..’s time for a new, modern approach to wealth discussions.

We will be your personal CFO. We will effortlessly move through all facets of your financial life; across tax, investments, super, property, loans, insurance, estate planning, income , expenses and your career and life events.

We will partner with you through the long term and help you make the best financial decisions through all your day to day activities and major life events.

Who are we for?

Typical blockages and areas of uncertainty we solve for our new clients:

  • “I don’t know what I don’t know. Am I missing something? Can I get an objective sounding board and some leadership?”
  • “I’m working really hard but don’t know where I’m headed financially. I’m earning a solid income but I’m pretty sure I’m not optimising my position. I need clarity and focus on the best next steps.”
  • “We are a little paralysed with uncertainty. We are dealing with uncertain times across global markets and economies. Where can wealth be generated?”
  • “I don’t know if I can afford advice”
  • “I’m so busy at work and with the family. I need ideas, solutions and someone to action it. I kind of know what to do but I’m not doing it!”
  • “My accountant gets my tax returns done but I really don’t get the strategic proactive support. I don’t want surprises.”
  • “I get bits and pieces of investment advice, but I don’t have my investment expert meeting with my tax expert that also works with my lending expert to make sure that all strategies are aligned.”

Events-based advice.

The catalysts for people seeing us are all unique. Often it’s people doing well but need a clear plan and validation for what they are doing. At times it may be an event that sparks a need for advice. Examples:

  • Starting a new business
  • Entering a new phase of business growth
  • Buying a property
  • Selling a property
  • Considering on a new role
  • Getting married
  • Getting a divorce
  • A death in the family and associated inheritance decisions
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Setting financial independence goals
  • Moving in a new phase of life like starting a family or kids reaching financial independence
  • Perhaps you’re just sick of paying so much tax

You choose your journey.

Some clients like to..

  • ..fully outsource it all to us
  • ..others like to DIY but need some validation and strategic support to fill in gaps and provide a strategic lens to their efforts
  • ..some clients need a one-off solution, others need an ongoing relationship.
  • ..some clients prefer their own combination of financial planning, tax and lending.
  • Let’s have a chat to determine what works for you.

3 Step process to get started

To ensure you can make a well-informed decision that we are the right fit and now is the right time to seek advice, we invest significant time at the start of the process with no fees to you.


Discovery meeting

We first meet to understand your needs, see where you are at now, where you want to be and run a gap analysis. In this meeting we touch on tax, investments, super, insurance, cash flow, incomes, and estate planning considerations.


Identify opportunities

Where appropriate, our financial planners, tax and lending specialists will meet internally to discover opportunities to improve your financial position. Collectively we will identify if we can add material value and when the optimal time to work together will be.


Complete diagnosis

We will complete our diagnosis and present to you our findings.

From there, it’s an easy formula:

If: Demonstrable Value EXCEEDS our fees …then we will present our engagement proposal and demonstrate how we plan to achieve your objectives.

To begin your journey to wealth enlightenment today, contact us at via email or on 1300 925 081

To begin your journey to wealth enlightenment today, contact us at
or 1300 925 081

CXC Financial Partners completed an exciting rebrand and name change to

Welcome to the brand new website.

Our new branding is built around the concept of Wealth Enlightenment.

Enlightenment by transforming complexity to simplicity; and simplicity to meaningful action.