What our clients are saying..

Steph & Jordan

Executives with family of 3

“I cannot recommend Tim and Satori Advisory more highly. From our very first interaction I knew we were in the best hands.

Tim is unlike any other financial planner we have encountered.

The service Tim’s team offers is more than what you would expect financial planning to be. Tim has a holistic approach, is deeply strategic and incredible at empowering you to reach your wealth goals by genuinely understanding your personal objectives.

Tim has always made our relationship feel like a partnership and never a transaction. Not only is Tim incredibly knowledgeable, he is both a genuine and authentic person who cares about the success of his clients”

Cat & Zeb

Business owners with family of 3

“Tim is a breath of fresh air in an often overwhelming industry and has completely transformed the way we feel about our financial journey.

Right from the first interaction with Tim and the team we felt completely at ease. It’s clear his knowledge and experience is exceptional, however he breaks down the complex ideas into easily understandable concepts – something we had never previously experienced in a financial advisor.

Tim and the team clearly operates at a high level yet is extremely approachable and welcoming of all levels of financial acumen. We never felt embarrassed asking basic questions which meant we were able to more actively engage with and lean from him.

Tim’s strategic thinking is beyond impressive and he provided a clear overarching framework encompassing all our disparate financial elements, along with a clear path forward, Our ongoing relationship with Tim and the team has made us feel exponentially more secure, empowered and confident in our financial decision making. Most importantly he treats us as equals and it feels as though we are catching up with a trusted friend…all while making sound and previously, unattainable financial decisions”

Junior M

Business owner with family of 2

“Satori Advisory are so unique. They take such a refreshing approach to tax and accounting work. They have never given me any tax surprises and always been proactive with telling me what I need to know before I know the questions to ask. They always deliver above and beyond what was asked. Their depth and breadth of business strategic knowledge is staggering. Being 20 years in business himself Tim, Brett and the team are focused on watching my business grow and my personal wealth”

James & Deb L

CEO / Business owner with family of 5

“Satori Advisory have provided us with outstanding financial advice and services tailored specifically to our needs. Our money has never been working harder for us, and the advice taken has opened up a whole new world of wealth accumulation opportunities we never thought possible.”

Kate M

Retired with family of 4

“As a very satisfied client of Satory Advisory, I can speak with confidence about their commitment to each and every client – no matter how big or small – and deliver results. Particular care is taken to understand the client’s individual needs and goals but most telling of all, in one scenario I received advice from them that did not benefit CXC FP at all. This is a company you can really trust.”

Kathryn R

Business owner with a family of 4

“I have been a solicitor for over 20 years and, more recently, a Class 1 Real Estate Agent and the founder of For The Buyer; a boutique Buyer’s Agency. As a client and business owner I have consistently referred clients, friends and family to Satori Advisory.

I witnessed first-hand the depth of knowledge Tim and his team has and their absolute commitment to putting the best interests of our mutual client first. This client-centric approach informs every aspect of the relationship and underpins his commitment to offer a holistic service that is tailored to the individual circumstances of the client. Clients benefit from having a range of experts (financial planning, mortgage brokers, accounting and investment advisors) all working together under the Satori Advisory corporate umbrella to offer this holistic service, optimising the financial plans of clients while ensuring they are always kept informed and given choices. Satori Advisory holds itself accountable and these values resonate strongly with the service offering and values of my business.

Tim and his exceptional team are easy going, razor sharp and are a valuable ‘sounding board’ for our mutual clients. They are trusted advisors who can quickly understand the ‘big picture’ objectives and then assist their clients to navigate and break down the ‘little steps’ needed to activate their plan and achieve their goals. They remain by their clients’ side for the entire journey.”

CXC Financial Partners completed an exciting rebrand and name change to

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Our new branding is built around the concept of Wealth Enlightenment.

Enlightenment by transforming complexity to simplicity; and simplicity to meaningful action.